Business Grade Internet

We provide flexible, business-grade internet solutions that support the need for businesses and organizations of all sizes to operate at optimal capacity based on fast and reliable connectivity

IP Transit

We design the most profitable services for ISPs throughout Africa. Through our multiple points of presence our core infrastructure, delivers BGP enabled connectivity at your time of convenience with full redundancy

Private Networks

Our MPLS / IP VPN service has been built to offer private any-to-any connectivity for all our clients. Throughout Africa, ensuring that you can connect to any of your partners’ subsidiaries/offices at any point in time

Data Center and Cloud Services

With our Tier 3 Containerized Data Center, we are able to provide the highest uptime with a 99.98% SLA for customers opting to collocate with us. We also provide Cloud Services where we give customers access to computing resources such as virtual servers, storage and virtual machines. Users enjoy the flexibility of scaling up and down resources according to the demand which is highly profitable for businesses.

Who are we?

Axiom Networks is a Rwandan Internet Service Provider that provides services from business grade internet to private networks since 2013. Our solutions include IP transit, MPLS Private Networks, last mile internet, managed end-to-end connectivity, and data center services.

Our goal is to fill the connectivity industry gaps that have persistently hindered business productivity over the last decade in Africa. We have our presence throughout Eastern DRC and are aiming to extend it to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Africa at large.

Our Mission

To enable a more connected society by consistently providing superior connectivity solutions with the highest customer service.

Our Vision

To be a leading enabler of internet connectivity services through its provision of reliable and affordable connectivity solutions for ISPs and businesses.

Our Values

Delivering exceptional work & providing superior customer service to our clients

Creating opportunities for our people & strengthening our communities

Fostering innovation & Acting with Integrity

why choose us

If you are looking for a reliable ISP in terms of connectivity, customer service and lead time, Look no further!

Best Speed

Our ability to provide dedicated internet allows customers to enjoy high, uninterrupted internet speed.


Upon a signed contract, we take 1-3 days to set up the service and customers start using it right away.

Service Support

Customer satisfaction is our priority. With a skilled and experienced support team, we are able to provide high touch support (through effective interaction) to solve any network related issue that a customer might experience.

Our Journey

Axiom Networks started in 2013 with a target to be a high touch Internet Service Provider aimed at offering Business Grade internet. Our goal was to offer above and beyond what was in the market and we remain in our line until today. With a team that is highly experienced in system integration, we have been able to provide tailored made internet package for the market.

We have grown exponentially from outsourcing connectivity at the beginning of our journey to having dedicated access to an Africa-wide fiber infrastructure and source our internet from Tier 1 providers. Since 2018, we have dived in the Data Center business to create an infrastructure for data sovereignty and ease of access which is now allowing us to develop our cloud services under our brand B. Secure.

0733 000 190
PO Box 6847 Kigali, Rwanda
Email : info@axiom.net.rw

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Frequently Asked questions

What kind of performance can we expect from Axiom?

Our support team is available to assist in such cases. We strive to provide an immediate solution to different factors. However, if your data usage needs to increase we can only serve you by providing a package with a higher bandwidth

Who do I contact when I need information about Axiom Networks services?

You can call our customer service line +250733000190 or send your request on crm@axiom.net.rw

What number do I call when the service goes out?

When the services go out, you can reach our support line at 0733000180 which is available 24/7 or our Customer Service line at 0733000190. Our support team is ready on demand to be deployed on site within 2 hours of the call, Monday to Sunday during business hours.

How long does it take to get installed?

Once the contract has been signed and the installation team has been notified, it can take a range of 4 hours to 72 hours to get installed, depending on the schedule.

What kind of services does Axiom Networks provide?

We offer high-speed wireless broadband connection, Fiber, Datacenter and cloud services.

Why are we not getting the speed we expected?

Our support team is available to assist in such cases. We strive to provide an immediate solution to different factors. However, if your data usage needs to increase we can only serve you by providing a package with a higher bandwidth

get in touch

Feel free to send us your questions and requests, we will be happy to assist you. You can also visit our offices anytime during working days/hours.