Why Choose Axiom?

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What kind of performance can we expect from Axiom?
We actively manage network resources to provide the best performance possible to our customers. We also provide a 99.5% uptime SLA agreement that we promise to fulfill or payment discounter per breach in SLA
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What number do I call when the service goes out?
When the services go out, you can reach our support line at 0733000180 which is available 24/7 or our Customer Service line at 0733000190. Our support team is ready on demand to be deployed on site within 2 hours of the call, Monday to Sunday during business hours.
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What kind of services does Axiom Networks provide?
We offer high-speed wireless broadband connection, Fiber, Datacenter and cloud services.

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Why are we not getting the speed we expected?
Our support team is available to assist in such cases. We strive to provide an immediate solution to different factors. However, if your data usage needs to increase we can only serve you by providing a package with a higher bandwidth
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How long does it take to get installed?
Once the contract has been signed and the installation team has been notified, it can take a range of 4 hours to 72 hours to get installed, depending on the schedule.

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Who do I contact when I need information about Axiom Networks services?
You can call our customer service line +250733000190 or send your request on crm@axiom.net.rw