Axiom networks wireless broadband explained

Axiom Networks has a clear position on the choice of technology to select when it comes to provision internet and connect customers. Many of our customers have wanted to understand what we use as wireless technology in order to connect them and to know how far we can go with this technology today.

The first thing to understand is the media that is currently used in telecommunication which is

  1. copper cables; wireless (Electromagnetic waves)
  2. infrared light (the fiber optics).

At Axiom Networks, we have a wireless infrastructure built on microwave technology. In general, our microwave radio waves range usually from 2 GHz to 42 GHz which is in compliance with Rwanda Utility Regulatory Body on the use of radio waves. Microwaves can allow you to form links form hundreds of meters to more than 60 Km in Rwanda while maintaining a good quality of service.

Cambium Networks PMP 450i Access Point at the base station to connect customers

Our wireless links are reliable because we have the right radio planning tools and rainfall rate data that allow us to predict how the link will perform in the worst condition and plan the right radio parameters (Frequency, power, link distance to name few) in order to have a well-performing wireless link.

In this regard, we invested in a fixed wireless service connecting our customers from fixed base stations where we know and can assess:

  1. The link range from the base station to the customer.
  2. The visibility or line of sight between the base station and the customer.
  3. The data throughput that can go into that link at 99.99 % of service availability.

Once these parameters are known, we know that our link will work and satisfy our customers need in term of service quality and data capacity. Our microwave point to point links can carry 1 Gbps of full duplex capacity, thus offering high capacity links to customers and our point to multipoint network. Our customers connected to a fixed base station can easily handle 20 to 80 Mbps of aggregate capacity at 99.99 % to allow business grade internet in urban areas of Rwanda and even remote places of Rwanda.

Our Cambium Networks PTP 820S Microwave Radio

In addition to this, our equipment is carrier grade, meaning it has been tested to withstand the harshest of environments. And our wireless network is always provisioned by robust fiber links throughout Rwanda.

If you are in need of high capacity and carrier-grade service in an urban area or rural area, Axiom Networks will be pleased to assist you with top-notch connectivity. Our engineers will make sure to provide the right service to you!

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